Insulated A/C Copper Aluminium Connecting Kit

It is the combination of copper and Aluminium pipe in which both tubes get resistance welded on high KV rated welding machines.
Cu-Alu connecting kit, Used to connect indoor and outdoor unit of air conditioner which transfers cold gas from ODU to IDU with good transfer efficiency.

Advantages of Product Copper + Aluminum :

  • Copper is replaced by Aluminium tube which is approximately 3 times less in weight.
  • PVC coated Aluminium tube gives extra life against oxidation formation so ensured long life of product will be there.
  • CU-Alu pipe is well insulated with EPE/ UV resistant foam tube which avoids direct heat contact on tubes.
  • Leak tested at high pressure about 650 PSI which ensures defect free product.
  • Resistance welding it gives great strength up to 1.3 KN pulling force
  • Bursting strength Aluminium tube easily withstand up to 2600 PSI tested on hydraulic pressure test rig.

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