5TR NABL Psychrometric Lab

Our research and development center is also equipped with 5TR psychrometric Lab for energy testing of Air conditioners.
With NABL accredition, our lab is the only one in marathwada region to provide BEE star energy ratings to Air conditioners.

Scope –
1. Window
2. Split type – Fixed and Inverter models
3. Commercial and Cassette Air conditioners

Tests –
1. Cooling Capacity/ Performance Testing
2. Power Consumption, EER and ISEER as per BEE 2018 Standards.
3. Power Factor, Frequency
4. Max. Operating Condition Test (Low and High Voltage)
5. Freeze up Test
6. Sweat and Closure Test
7. Air Flow Measurement
8. Noise Testing
9. Heating Capacity
10. Heating Overload condition testing

Lab Specifications –
1. Test Product size:
Window type: W under 1000mm; D under 900mm; H under 800mm
Split type: W under 1800mm; D under 1000mm; H under 2000mm

2. Rated cooling capacity (T1, T2, T3)
Capacity of Lab: 5 HP
Cooling capacity 9000Btu/hr to 60000 Btu/hr
Heating capacity 9000Btu/hr to 60000 Btu/hr
Air flower rate(Indoor): 250~5000m3/h

3. Power:
1ф 100~300V/50/60Hz 60A continuous rating (Rating 230V)
3ф 200~500V50/60Hz 30A continuous rating (Rating 415V)

4. Other test conditions
Outdoor: ﹢5- 60 /30- 90% RH
Indoor : -15- 30 /30- 90% RH

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